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Lockdown Tails - Coco and Jess

As March rolled around, so did signs of kitten season. Within weeks of each other, two beautiful cats came into our care from different parts of Shropshire, both with a common trait – they were both pregnant. It was time to dust off the cobwebs in our nursery and open it up again! Both girls are friendly and had been well cared for before coming to us, so all we had to do was wait until they were ready to give birth. We kept them fed, clean and happy until it was time for their labours – something we do not get involved in as nature takes its course without our interference.

Within a day of each other, the two mums had given birth! It seems like the cries of Jess’ new-borns set off labour in Coco and the nursery soon had 7 new additions between the mums. Both took to mothering like professionals and whilst Coco knew she could come out and get fuss and attention whilst her babies were asleep, Jess was a little more hesitant but that soon changed as the babies started moving around.

Now the proud mother to three boys, Coco has been teaching the kittens everything she can as they grow up, showing them how to play and groom themselves and is showing them the joys of wet food to help wean them off her milk. Jess had two boys and two girls and is also teaching them well, also showing them the joy of human play and the best way to beg for food!

We know these two mums are the start of what will be a busy kitten season, but we are prepared thanks to these two special girls. We always remember the first mums of a season and these two are no exception! The last litter either girl will ever have, they will be spayed and looking for their new homes once their kittens have left us.


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