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Giving a home to a working cat

Some cats are more independent than others and don’t do well in a typical family home. More often than not, these cats are referred to as ‘working cats’ and are rehomed to homes where they can live in a way that best suits them.


Farms, garden centres, stables and rural homes with outbuildings are just some of the places ideal for working cats.

Working cats normally require less maintenance than pet cats and generally only need food, water, warm and enclosed shelter, someone to keep an eye on them and a sufficiently large and enriched area for them to explore. They usually prefer to come and go as they please.

image0 (4).jpeg

Mika, Ex-SCR cat, now helping rodent control in a stables

In order to ensure you're getting what you need from a working cat, we will do our best to match your needs to the cats looking for placement needs. 

If a feral working cat is what you're after, we will ensure you only are offered cats with little to no interest in interacting with people. However, if you are in a position to take in a cat who will do the work for you, but also come say hello when you or visitors are around, we will make sure you are offered a cat who knows how to interact with people, and may even enjoy it! 

With so many different types of cat personalities out there, we will do our best to try find you a suitable cat for your needs and situation. 

Ellie, Ex-SCR cat in her daily meetings with her new alpaca staff!

Flossy, Ex-SCR cat checking the work is being done to an acceptable standard


  • How much is a working cat? 

Whilst we do not ask for money for working cats, we would appreciate anything you are happy to donate. Working cats still need neutering, feeding, and some even need medical attention before they are ready to go home. 

  • What is expected from me when taking on a working cat? 

The main thing we ask is that you provide the cat a safe and warm place to sleep at night, and provide at least 2 meals a day. 

Although working cats, they may require medical attention at some point so preparation for such occasion is also needed.

  • What can I expect from rehoming a working cat? 

Any working cat you adopt from us will be neutered, ear tipped (or microchipped if friendly enough) and will have up to date flea/worm treatment. Some will be part/fully vaccinated to allow them a boost in when moving into their new home too

  • How do I apply?

Simply fill out our Feral Adoption Application Form (from the button below) and our admin team will do the rest! 

For more information, or any enquiries;

Or click Apply Today to apply online
Visits to the rescue are strictly by appointment only.

Appointment times vary depending on volunteer availability so you must have an appointment in place before visiting

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