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At the shelter we have a number of permanent residents for whom the shelter is their long- term home.

This is because they can’t be rehomed either due to medical reasons or their age. Sponsoring one of our resident cats is a wonderful way to support us and it helps us to continue to give them all the creature comforts they deserve. 


It's easy to become a sponsor right now. Simply choose the cat you'd like to sponsor from the gallery below.

Once you’ve selected your cat download the Sponsorship Form and email it to sponsorship@shropshirecatrescue.org.uk

or write and post to;  FAO Sponsorship Secretary, Shropshire Cat Rescue, Windy Ridge, Lyth Hill Road, Bayston Hill, SY3 0AU.



Gorgeous Titch is a millennium cat, born in 2000. She is blind but that does not stop her from living a full and happy life. She has overcome some very challenging health issues, which is testament to her inner strength and wonderful zest for life. When she came to the shelter, she had cat flu and suspected kidney failure. She received extensive treatment but despite her responding well, everyone knew she might be on borrowed time. However, despite the odds being stacked against her, once she settled in the retirement village she absolutely thrived.  She has got to know her surroundings incredibly well which gives her great comfort and confidence. She was a little nervous at first and wasn’t too happy about being picked up, but as she has become accustomed to her new surroundings she has slowly learned to trust again and now Titch loves nothing more than curling up in someone’s arms. Her brave and trusting character makes her a firm favourite with everyone she meets. Visitors never fail to be captivated by brave Titch who has survived against all odds and now has a new lease of life.

You can sponsor Titch for £20 a year.



Pickle is a familiar face at the shelter as she had previously been rehomed before being returned to us in 2016 due to her owner’s unexpected change in circumstances at the age of 10. As she was a more mature cat it was decided she would be better suited to the retirement village. She is a very social cat, and you might even say very ‘neighbourly’ because she loves spending time in literally all of the retirement village cottages – she has favourite cottages for different activities whether that’s sleeping, eating or playing in. She also likes snuggling up for a ‘cat nap’ with the other residents whenever she can.


When she’s not visiting the neighbours, you’ll most often find Pickle wandering across the cottage rooftops jumping from one to the other, and she also likes to keep an eye on what is going on at the shelter, so it’s not unusual to find her settled behind the plants watching the world go by.

You can sponsor Pickle for £20 a year.



Annwyn has been one of our lovely 'Free Ranger' roaming residents since Spring 2017 when she was a very young mother to one kitten. She had a difficult start in life as she was the target of some cruelty from someone who lived next door to her previous owner. Her owner feared for Annwyn and her kitten’s safety, so asked the shelter to take them both in. This upsetting start in life means Annwyn is not surprisingly, quite timid and was especially fearful of women due to the previous cruelty she had experienced. Her kitten was quickly rehomed and so was Annwyn for a short period of time, but sadly, it didn’t work out and she came back to the shelter.


After much deliberation, it was decided not to subject Annwyn to any further disruption and stress by trying to rehome her again; instead, she would become a permanent shelter resident, free to come and go as she pleases. It has proved to be the best decision and she has slowly gained confidence. She has quickly won the hearts and minds of everyone at the shelter, and even though she is still a bit timid and often hides out of the way at busy times, she continues to build trust in people.


You can sponsor Annwyn for £20 a year.



Morris is just over two years old and has been one of our 'Free Ranger' roamers since December 2019. He is very much a ‘mummy’s boy’ as he came to us along with his mother Vera, who he remains very close with. They were both feral when they arrived and whilst Vera was very friendly, Morris was a little more reserved. He has an incredibly friendly and loving nature though and is very inquisitive. He likes to ‘help out’ at the shelter and whenever anyone is working or doing jobs, he drops by to see what is going on and although he might like to think he is ‘lending a paw’, the reality is he just likes interrupting everyone for attention. He loves nothing more than wrapping himself around the volunteers’ legs, which makes walking in a straight line impossible for anyone; but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He continues to have a lovely relationship with his mom, Vera, and is hugely popular with all the other roaming cats too. He can often be seen playing chase with Annwyn or snuggled up next to the other cats. 


You can sponsor Morris for £20 a year.



The main Shelter at Shropshire Cat Rescue was set up in Bayston Hill in 1998 and through ongoing demand and need, it has grown steadily ever since.


The shelter is home to 17 residents and 20 villagers and at full capacity holds around 122 cats. The shelter comprises the pens, a Hospital, Nursery, the Retirement Village and a space for the resident cats. It also includes an office, laundry room, feeding room, a shop and snack bar for visitors.

You can sponsor the shelter for £100 per year.

Retirement Village.jpg

retirement village

The Retirement Village is a unique facility that provides a wonderful retirement home for our more mature felines.


It was funded through donations and sponsorship and was built back in 2010 by our wonderful volunteers. It comprises six luxury chalets that can each house up to four cats, plus the ‘Moggies Mansion’ which, as the name suggests, is a spacious home where our villagers can mix and relax together whenever they choose.


The Retirement Village is the ‘purrfect’ place for our older residents to enjoy their twilight years in peace, comfort and with cuddles and fuss on tap whenever they want it.

You can sponsor the Retirement Village for £60 a year.

The Nursery.jpg

The Nursery

The Nursery was completed in 2011 and has 5 units and 2 incubators.

It is always closely monitored by our dedicated volunteers as young kittens get in to trouble very quickly.

Immediate veterinary attention is available to the mother and the kittens should they require it.

You can sponsor The Nursery for £30 a year.