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how to adopt a cat from shropshire cat rescue

Deciding to become a cat owner is a serious decision and should not be undertaken lightly.  Potential adopters should be aware that they are taking on a lifetime commitment and that cats can live for 20 years or even more. During this time, a cat will depend entirely on its owner(s) for its on-going needs including food, warmth, and any veterinary attention in the event of illness or injury. 

We request a minimum donation of £60 per cat or kitten and £90 for a pedigree with or without papers.  We accept cash, cheques, BACs and Credit Card payments. This donation goes towards the costs incurred at the rescue centre for the cat(s) that you are adopting.


Whilst this is all we ask for when adopting, please be aware that the actual costs incurred by the rescue for each cat is vastly in excess of this amount (especially vet treatments).


We rely entirely on donations and fundraising to keep our rescue centre going so any support you can give would be gratefully appreciated.

home suitability


When assessing suitability of your home for one of our cats we consider all the following criteria. A home needs to be cat friendly with no potential dangers therefore:

Tortie Cat.jpg

It is important that we work closely with you to find you a cat that fits your lifestyle and circumstances as not every cat will suit your specific environment. By following a clear adoption process, we can make sure you and your cat are a match made in heaven. Please do not be offended if we refuse to rehome a cat or kitten to you – any decisions we make will be in the interests of both you and the animals

Adoption Process


Our process for adoption can be done both face to face or virtually and this is how it works:


  1. You can either:

  2. If you apply by email or phone we will ask you some questions about where you live to ensure that you, your home and location are an ideal fit for one of our cats

  3. If you live in rented accommodation you may need to provide a letter from your landlord that gives consent for you to have a pet in the accommodation

  4. Once we have gone through various checks and questions with you, we will confirm reservation of your chosen cat or kitten

  5. Then we will arrange a suitable time for you to collect your wonderful new feline companion 

  6. As COVID-19 restrictions ease we will be able to offer more face-to-face appointments and collections from the rescue centre, and we will also re-introduce home visits when it is safe to do so

  7. We may also ask to see proof of identity if you are successful with your application, please bring this with you when you collect your cat/kitten.

Cat Portrait

When you adopt a cat from us you can be sure they have received:

  • A full health check by a vet

  • Vaccinations where appropriate

  • Neutering, where appropriate 

  • Worming and flea treatment

  • They also come from a very loving rescue centre that has given them lots of cuddles, so be prepared to keep that going

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