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What to expect when adopting one of our cats

When adopting from us, we ask for a minimum donation of £60 per cat/kitten or £90 if the cat/kitten is a Pedigree breed (with or without papers). 

Here are a few things you can expect from us regarding your cat/kitten: 

  • Any feline you adopt from us if over 5 months old will be neutered before they leave. 

  • If they are neutered, they will also be micro chipped and registration already set up under the charities details.

  • All cats/kittens under our care is kept up to date with flea & worming treatments and will be protected when you take them home. 

  • All cats/kittens start their vaccination course within the week or their arrival at our shelter and some are even fully vaccinated by time they go home. 

  • Every cat/kitten is seen at least once for a thorough checkup by our vet.

What we expect in return

Once you've taken your new companion home, there's only a few things we ask for in return: 

  • If you have adopted a kitten, you get the kitten neutered at around 5 months old - a reminder is usually sent out ahead of time to remind you.

    • An unneutered female can get pregnant from roughly 4 months old, unwanted litters are not only a financial strain but the health risks to a female so young are potentially life threatening. 

    • Neutering helps eliminate the risk of ovarian cysts & cancers in females and greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer. ​

    • It helps reduce the risk of your cat wandering - a cat high on hormones will travel a great distance to find a mate, ultimately risking loosing their way home. 

    • It helps reduce spraying, wailing and fighting in both sexes. 

  • If your cat/kitten is part vaccinated, it will be your responsibility to finish the vaccination course with your local vets. It is a good time to also let your vet meet your new pet and get him/her registered. 

  • If your cat is already fully vaccinated, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure yearly boosters are done, giving your vet a chance to check for any health changes. 

  • Most importantly, love them! Some cats come to us in horrendous states and we often care and love them like they're our own. All we ask is when you take your companion home, you give them all the love they deserve. 

No matter how long it has been since you've had your companion from us, we will always welcome updates and pictures. Once a cat has come through our Shelter, they will always be a special part of the Charity's legacy. 

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