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retirement village

The Retirement Village is a unique facility that provides a wonderful retirement home for our more mature felines.


It was funded through donations and sponsorship and was built back in 2009. It comprises six luxury chalets that can each house up to four cats, plus the ‘Moggies Mansion’ which, as the name suggests, is a spacious home where our villagers can mix and relax together whenever they choose.


The Retirement Village is the ‘purrfect’ place for our senior and super senior residents to enjoy their twilight years in comfort, with cuddles and fuss. They are weighed weekly to monitor for changes that could indicate health concerns any the volunteers are concerned about are highlighted for the vet to check on their weekly visit.

Many of our Retirement Village residents are on long term medication and receive short term treatment including dentals as needed.

You can sponsor the Retirement Village for £60 a year.

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