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Freddie has paws at the ready, to get the online shop orders out to you.

Any of you who follow Shropshire Cat Rescue on Twitter or Facebook maybe familiar with the online shop helper Freddie, just in case you are not here he is.

Freddie is one of our volunteers’ cats and is ever willing to help out by entertaining passers by scaling the roof and often seen curled up on the chimney or fast asleep in the guttering. When not scaling the heights, he also loves to help out when it comes to packaging online shop orders, he ensures that it is done correctly and with his furry paws help.

Pippin occasional checks over parcels once they are packaged but Freddie is on hand as soon as he hears the wrapping paper being cut, even if he’s outside he will suddenly appear eager to help.

There are a selection of goodies to purchase from magnets created by volunteer Anji using pictures she has taken of the resident cats and those who have found their forever homes. Of course, the Forever homes Calendar is also available from the online shop. Along with the exclusive Shropshire Cat Rescue goodies there are some lovely soft toys and of course it’s never to early to get your Christmas Cards. New goodies to purchase are on the way soon.

So don’t delay help keep Freddie out of mischief and get hold of some lovely gifts for yourself or the other cat enthusiasts in your life.

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