Adopt A Cat Application Form
Are you a Home owner or tenant?
If a tenant, have you checked you have permission to have a cat?
Do you live in a House or Flat?
Have you got any other cats?
Are they vaccinated?
Are they neutered?
Do you have a dog?
Have you had a cat before?
Is anyone at home during the day?
Have you had a cat at the current address?
Do you have dogs living nextdoor or at the back of you?
Do you have transport?
Do you have a cat flap?
Would you consider taking 2 cats?
Does anyone smoke in the house? (we ask this as its documented that animals living in a smoke free home live a longer and healthier life)
Do you have any children living at the address?
Have you seen a cat on either the website, Facebook or at the Shelter that you are interested in?

Thank you for your application