Do a little good everytime you shop and help Shropshire Cat Rescue

We’d all like to give a little more to help others, but it’s not always possible without committing to bigger donations. With the Pledjar app, you can now round-up pennies from your purchases and donate them to Shropshire Cat Rescue.

In these challenging times, extra pennies can have a big impact and Shropshire Cat Rescue is proud to now be available on Pledjar - a new and innovative mobile app.

By turning your spare change into real change you can now support Shropshire Cat Rescue through small acts of kindness by donating pennies from your daily purchases – all through a safe and secure mobile app.

Through Pledjar you can securely connect your bank account and round-up your transactions and pass on your ‘spare change’ to Shropshire Cat Rescue. With Pledjar you can follow our recent campaigns and give one-off donations with a click of a finger, without changing how you spend.

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes! Download the Pledjar app and make sure you select SCR001 which is the code for Shropshire Cat Rescue when asked during the sign in process. For more information visit or watch the video

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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