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Santa Paws Arrives In Style To Deliver Gifts

Santa Paws has been busy throughout December visiting various places around Shropshire and Wolverhampton. Children have been writing letters saying what their pets would like for Christmas and Santa Paws ensured he read every single letter. It was so heartwarming for Santa Paws and the volunteers to read them. Santa Paws did regular posts with the help of the resident cats so people could hear a small selection of the letters received. The letters melted your heart when reading them, you discovered children wanted their pets to be happy and receive love and kindness.

On Christmas Eve at 4:30pm Santa Paws arrived in style at the shelter with Sidecar Santa to deliver the donated toys. This was streamed live on Facebook and TicTok so Shropshire Cat Rescue followers could watch and get into the Christmas spirit.

The toys were mostly donated via our online shop using the donate to shelter option and our Amazon wish list, food, beds and scratch posts were also sent or brought to the shelter during December.

The cats all enjoyed receiving their gifts and some dived into the basket and helped themselves without mentioning names Pongo, Maya and Philly. The Yeowww and other catnip toys went down a treat and there were some very happy cats on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Santa Paws visit would not have been possible without our fabulous volunteers and supporters. We can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support and help throughout the year and especially during the festive season.

Check out highlights of Santa Paws visit here

You can also catch up on where Santa Paws has been throughout December

Santa Paws will be back in December next year.


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