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Oscar and Reggie Both Need a Special Home

Oscar and Reggie have been with us a while and they each need a special home where they can receive the love and care they deserve. Oscar needs to be a only pet where Reggie needs time and patience.

Oscar is a beautiful boy who needs a home without other animals.

He initially came into the retirement village, but as he has settled and grown more confident he has started bullying the other cats.

Oscar loves to be held and cuddled. He wants to be the centre of attention! He enjoys playing and settling on a lap afterwards. He loves children and would make a great family pet.

Because of his history, he cannot be homed with other cats or dogs.

Reggie is a shy girl looking for her new home. She prefers the quiet, and would make a lovely companion for someone with the time and patience to build up her confidence.

Reggie is very sensitive, she quickly picks up on the stress in the household and seems to react by not eating. In an ideal world, she is looking for a calm home that are not expecting any changes in the near future.

She enjoys fuss, and is a lot more beautiful than her pictures would suggest!

Reggie has lived with other cats before, and could again with patient introduction. She would not suit a home with young children. She has not been dog tested.

Reggie has shown a fear of men, so is looking for a predominately female home.

Please help us find their purrfect foreverhomes. If you feel you have a Oscar or Reggie shaped hole in your life and would like to adopt them then please complete a adoption application form

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