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Feral Appeal And Rudy's 3rd Birthday Wish

Rudy is using his reporting skills and his 3rd Birthday to help boost the reach of our Feral Appeal. Rudy has created his report and explains why Shropshire Cat Rescue’s support of feral colonies is so important to him. Rudy explains how as a day old he was found orphaned in one of the feral colonies we support, he was brought into the shelter and hand reared by Marion the shelter manager who ended up adopting him.

Rudy turned 3 years old on the 8th April, so is requesting people support the Feral Appeal for his birthday by sending gifts of food for the feral colonies or donate money to the Feral Appeal.

Shropshire Cat Rescue currently supports 6 colonies by providing food, the support does not stop there. Veterinary care is provided when needed due to illness or injury, along with neutering. By providing this support to those looking after the feral colonies it means the people looking after the colonies can get access to the veterinary care quickly. 

We also support colonies that need help with Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) so they can help reduce the impact kitten season can have on a colony if neutering isn’t undertaken. Sometimes returning is not an option and we support those trying to relocate the cats, we avoid bringing the cats from feral colonies into the shelter as they do not cope in the shelter environment. The stress of being confined can cause fear and anxiety which is dangerous for all involved. The increased stress caused by confining feral cats can result in illness as heightened stress reduces their ability to heal and fight off infections. When kittens are orphaned like Rudy we of course bring them in straight away as they are not equipped to survive without their mum. Kittens can be helped with careful socialisation up until the age of 10 weeks after that age it becomes increasingly difficult to socialise them to human contact or presence, we treat each kitten and situation individually so it suits that individual.


Rudy has taken on the role as supervisor around the shelter, he helps out volunteers and regularly tries to break into the Retirement Village and is always keen to play with kittens and other cats. He does also go on toy stealing missions when the gift shop is open on event days, he is not the only cat to spot a opportunity to get a new catnip toy Pongo and Maya are two of the free range residents who spy and take up the opportunity as soon as volunteers backs are turned.


So please help us make Rudy’s 3rd Birthday special by donating to our Feral Appeal. For information about food drop off locations and other was to donate head to our website

To make a donation please head to our Just Giving Feral Appeal page

You can check out Rudy reporting on the Feral Appeal Film by heading to our YouTube channel.

If you need support with a feral colony then please contact us by either emailing or complete the Enquiry For Help form on our website 

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