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Dr Scott Visits and Says We Have "Cutest Cat Retirement Village"

At the beginning of March Shropshire Cat Rescue was buzzing with excitement as they welcomed Dr Scott known for being This Morning’s vet he came along to film for his new YouTube channel Rescue Vet. Dr Scott was shown around by volunteers and he described it as a super cute retirement village, Titch made sure he felt welcome by snuggling up close as soon as he sat down in Moggies Mansion. The volunteers set him to work with a vet clinic where he met cats like Dotty and Winston who’s skin was in a poor condition due to flea allergic dermatitis. He also met Bronwyn who is now looking for her forever home after coming into the rescue in November lacking fur, needing a dental and being underweight she was believed to be an elderly girl so went into the Retirement Village but as Dr Scott confirmed she is younger than previously believed so she is looking for a forever home. Dr Scott fell in love with Johnny who is a resident at the shelter, he is 3 years old cat who came to the rescue 10 months ago from another rescue. Johnny was desperate to be outside but due to being blind, deaf and having neurological issues this was not possible where he was. Johnny has a fully enclosed secure outside space with his own castle in and gets take on regular walks by volunteers. Dr Scott enjoyed taking Johnny out on one of his walks.

Dr Scott’s YouTube channel Rescue Vet is a brilliant platform to help highlight the struggles rescue centres are facing and how staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to care for the animals coming in.

The episode where Shropshire Cat Rescue is featured went live on 17th April 24. The support for the Retirement Village in the comments has been overwhelming and very positive with people sharing stories of their senior and super senior cats. It is so lovely for our volunteer’s hard work to be appreciated so openly and for people to have a peep into what goes on at Shropshire Cat Rescue.

Vera steered clear of the vet checks but did get involved in letting supporters know about Dr Scott’s visit and has been encouraging supporters to watch the episode and also subscribe to Rescue Vet to ensure people don’t miss any episodes.

To watch the cutest cat Retirement Village episode on Rescue Vet head along to YouTube


If you are interested in supporting Shropshire Cat Rescue you can donate to our Feral Appeal

If you are interested in adopting from us then please head to our adoption page and complete n online application form


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