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Micky Needs Walking Buddies

Micky finished the 100mile virtual walk to the South Pole in March. Micky's fabulous selfies meant that Micky won a prize for having the best pictures. The prize is free entry into the Ultra Challenge Kent Downs 50, Micky is excited about doing the 50km walk on 12th October but would really appreciate some walking buddies for support and company along the way.

If you want to join Micky on the 50km trek in Kent then please pop along to the Ultra Challenge website and book your space. You would need to self fund and the cost is £139 with that you receive full support during the walk with stop points that provide food and drink, they have medical teams and ensure the route is fully marked out so there is no need for you to navigate your way around. So why not go check out the Ultra Challenge website and get yourself booked on to walk with Micky.

To join Micky's team when booking onto the walk select to join Micky's Walking Buddies team.

Micky will be training around Shropshire to get ready for the 50km walk so keep a eye out and don't forget to say hi Micky is always happy to join you for a selfie too.

Check out Micky's latest film here

Here are just some of the fabulous pictures Micky got whilst out walking 100miles from 26th December till 24th March.

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