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Christmas Appeal, Help Us Help Cats Like Mic

Sadly Mic has come back to us for a third time. Due to the sudden and tragic loss of his previous owners. Mic has now lost two loving homes in tragic ways 😿Mic is a sweet 13 year old boy who loves fuss. Due to spinal issues, Mic needs close monitoring, regular veterinary care and pain relief. Mic has become our most recent Retirement Village resident. He is already soaking up the fuss from volunteers and settling well.

Mic’s story is extra sad as he has lost two loving homes in the same way but it is a similar story for a lot of our Retirement Village residents. The most common reason a senior or super senior cat comes into our care is due to their owners passing away or going into a care home. Our monthly vet bills on average are between £8,000 - £10,000 and a sizeable amount is due to caring for our elderly residents, it is important our seniors receive all the veterinary care they need. Each week volunteers weigh the Retirement Village residents to monitor for changes which could indicate a health concern. The vet visits each week and the majority receive a monthly injection for Osteoarthritis, this injection is costly but the improvement in the mobility and pain relief it provides is worth ten times that cost.

So please support us and help us help more cats like Mic, who through no fault of their own need love, warmth, shelter, food and veterinary care.

Please help us reach our target of £10,000 by donating what you can every £1 makes a difference and sharing our appeal will hugely help us.

Thank you for your support.


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