We are currently looking for homes for a few pairs of black and white kittens who have been sadly overlooked due to their colours. 

First up we have Polly's kittens, both boys are 15 weeks old at the moment and are playful little things! Initially shy to new people, they soon relax and are happy to play and keep you company. 

Longhaired siblings Aygo & Yaris are 13 weeks old. Aygo (female) is outgoing and loves affection and a cuddle whilst her brother Yaris is a little shyer. Often overwhelmed by his affectionate sister, Yaris often sits back and waits until she's warn out before saying hello. 

We fully expect to be overwhelmed with applications so please only apply if you are ready for kittens. We also have other kittens at the shelter that our Admin team can talk to you about once road checks are complete.


If you can not home until new year, please ensure you tell us. 



Polly's Kittens


Yaris (Left)
Aygo (Right)


vital stats:

  • Names: Polly's Kittens. Aygo & Yaris.

  • Age: 15 weeks. 13 weeks. 

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair. Domestic Semi-Long Hair.

  • Colour: Black & White

  • These cats can be homed with children

  • These cats are not neutered

  • These cats have not been vaccinated

  • These cats have not been microchipped

  • These cats can live with other cats and dogs

To find out more about this cat;

01743 872857

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Visits to the rescue are strictly by appointment only. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.