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Adopt A Feral Cat Application Form
Have you got any other cats?
Are they vaccinated?
Are they neutered?
Do you have a dog?
Have you had a cat before?
Have you any experience of feral/farm type cats?
Are you able to secure the building whilst they adapt?
Would you require the use of a temporary cage from ourselves?
Are you prepared to feed the cat twice a day with cat food?
Do you live near to game keeping territory?
Does the hunt operate in your area?

Thank you for your application

Adopt a feral cat

Each year, many rural-living cats become homeless due to changes in land usage. These cats are ideally suited to farm, stables, small holdings and are working cats that can act as an environmentally friendly rodent control service.


Usually they don't like much human contact although they may become more friendly once they settle into their new environment over time. All they need is regular food, a warm & dry place to sleep and veterinary care when needed. 

Whilst we don’t ask for a specific donation for feral/outdoor cats, please be aware that we have already incurred costs of neutering and in some cases will have had the cats vaccinated and treated for parasites.  A donation of any kind is always gratefully received.

If you are interested in adopting a feral cat then please complete the application form below.

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