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Johnny Appeal

We have launched an appeal to help us create a fully enclosed outdoor space for Johnny who is a 3 year old cat who is deaf and blind. He came to us via another rescue who have had him since he was 6 months old when found as a stray. He went to a foster home but as he grew older his desire to be able to go outside meant he became increasingly stressed and started to overgroom. He also would make attempts to break out the house to get to the outside world. Due to not being in a position where they could provide him with a safe outside place they put out a plea for help and one of our supporters suggested they got in touch with us and they did.

The original plan was for him to go into the Retirement Village unfortunately after a very closely supervised introduction to the Retirement Village we realised that it was too big an ask for him and the other residents.

So, we are creating a fully enclosed outside space with climbing frames, shelves, ramps, inside space and cat safe plants. We are already providing him with a climbing frame and sensory boxes with toys in that play to the senses he still has. He loves cat nip and we are interchanging his toys regularly to help provide added stimulation and engagement due to them having different textures and smells, we also use ones that give off vibrations intentionally or due to the movement that occurs like track toys.

If you would like to help us provide Johnny with the space he needs and deserves then please pop along to our JustGiving Johnny Appeal page.

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