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Enquiry for help

Here at Shropshire Cat Rescue, we try our best to help as many cats and families as we can. If you need our help to take in your cat(s) for re-homing, please fill our the form below. 

It may seem like there are a lot of questions but it is all to gather as much information as possible, please answer them as honestly as possible - It does not change whether we help, just how we can help. 

Please note that all cats are placed on a waiting list - this list is extensive, however, Admin review it often which makes giving you a time frame impossible. If you do have a deadline, please make it clear to us. 

If it is not your cat you need help with (i.e. a stray/abandoned cat), please fill out the Stray Cat Form instead. 

Shropshire Cat Rescue is committed to protecting your privacy and security. In order to be able to help you and your cats we will keep your information on our computer and will not pass it on to any other party. 


Your Details:

Cat's Details:

Vaccinated (and up to date with boosters?)
Where does your cat(s) like to be?


Does your cat(s) enjoy living with children?
Does your cat like to hunt?
Does your cat use a litter tray?
Does your cat use a cat flap?


Upload File

If we have been unable to take your cat in after 2 months, please contact us to confirm you are still requiring help. If you have been able to receive help elsewhere, please let us know so we can remove your cat from our waiting list. This will ensure empty pens are not held for cats no longer needing them. 

Shropshire Cat Rescue is a charity run entirely by volunteers and does not receive any government funding. We would be grateful if you could make a contribution towards the cost of rehoming your cat. This would help us continue our work rehoming and rescuing cats in need. 

Please note, we would never refuse to take in a cat if you cannot afford to give a contribution. 

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