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Paws for ukraine

Volunteers at Shropshire Cat Rescue have been watching and seeing the pictures of people carrying their pets with them in any way possible and then pictures of those left behind and their brave rescuers has broken their hearts.

So a team of volunteers set about to help get animal welfare aid over to where it is needed. We have linked up with Network for Animals who have been working with different groups in Poland on the Ukraine border.

On Friday the wonderful Dale Brothers in Telford confirmed they can transport the animal aid to Poland for us. This is further than they normally transport within Europe and we are very grateful they are doing this for us as it is a big ask. Even better news is that a anonymous donor has donated the full cost for transport so any money raised specifically for our Paws for Ukraine project means it will all go on purchasing animal aid items.

We posted on our Facebook page on Saturday and the response has been amazing already.

One of our volunteers is a veterinary nurse who has a passion for behaviour and had already been trying to include as much stress and anxiety relieving aid as possible. Ceva who make Feliway and Adaptil have offered to donate some of their products to go to help the animals being rescued or carried by their owners out of the Ukraine. Our aid is going to Network for Animals partner in Poland Foundation ADA, they had already been setting up pop up shelters but now are working on a Traumatised Animal Adaption Centre, which will be able to take animals in 24 hours a day. The centre will be hugely important to help those animals traumatised by their experiences. Due to this we are increasing requests for aid donations that can help these animals and give their carers the tools they need to help them. Things like supplements will help but also hides to help cats feel safe, puzzle feeders to help stimulate both cats, dogs and small furries and of course toys. These will all go some way to help relieve the fear and anxiety these animals are feeling.

Shop drop off locations:

Shropshire Cat Rescue shop on Mardol, Shrewsbury. Open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

Just for Pets Ketley, Telford.

Vet Practice drop off locations: Please be mindful the first hour their open can be very busy.

Carmel Vets, Pennfields, Wolverhampton, Monday to Friday 10-4pm and Saturday 10-2pm.

Medivet Lawley, Telford. Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm, Saturday 9am - 4:30pm.

Taylor and Marshall vets, Shifnal. Monday to Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm, Saturday 8:30am - 12pm.

YourVets Smethwick, Birmingham, Monday to Friday 8am -8pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm.

We have had some lovely people volunteering to be collection points. Due to these being residential locations we ask you to message Susie on 07726 179602 or email to obtain further details.

The residential collection point locations are:

Bayston Hill, Newport, Oswestry, Shifnal and Wolverhampton.

You can order items from the Amazon wish list.

Please be aware that the last day to get items delivered to drop off locations is Tuesday 5 April.

For more information or to become a collection drop off point please contact

Susie on 07726 179602 or email

Together we can make a difference.


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