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Lockdown Tails - Rusty, Pippa and Suki

At the end of January this beautiful trio of littermates came to us after their owner sadly passed away and their carer could no longer look after them. It was soon clear these young cats had spent a long time alone and often only had each other for company, forming an inseparable trio who were not too trusting of us humans.

Little Suki soon showed herself to be the most confident of the three and was often on her ledge, talking to the volunteers and luring us in for cuddles and head rubs! Although Rusty and Pippa were shy and often hiding, they could not resist affection and would often come join you on the floor as you cleaned up their pen every morning.

Trios are notoriously hard to home! Taking on 3 cats in one go is a huge ask and even more so when two of the three are very shy and were not going to be your best friend instantly. Thankfully, through the power of Facebook, we found the perfect family with the time, patience and most importantly, love to give these cats and they adopted them, giving them the fresh start that they deserved.

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