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Keeping Cats Cool

Some tips to help keep your cats cool during the hot weather.

  • Provide extra water in different locations.

  • Ensure outside water cats have access to is clean and free from chemicals. Provide cool mats.

  • Create extra shade, e.g. keeping curtains part drawn or draping a blanket over something.

  • Freeze treats like Lickelix or Catit Creamy.

  • Apply sun cream (safe for cats) on cats ears particularly those with white fur on their ears and also pink noses (check out link below for locations). Use a specific pet sun cream that’s safe for cats, consult your vet practice for advise on products you can safely use don’t use them if unsure check with the manufacturer or your vet first they will be happy to help. Check out this link for further advice on locations to apply and tips and videos on applying

  • Fans can help but be aware some cats may be fearful of them so monitor their behaviour when you first turn them on. Signs they may be fearful are they move away, walk away crouched, growl or hiss, or cower, avoid the location it’s in when usually they spend time there.

  • We DO NOT advise spraying cats with water as for a lot of cats this could cause fear and be very stressful for them.

  • Change the times you play with them to cooler parts of the day.

If you have any concerns about your cat during the heat please consult your veterinary practice ASAP. Here are some of the signs that we advise you to contact your veterinary practice about:

  • Lethargic or sleepier than normal.

  • They become floppy and not responsive.

  • Diarrhoea or vomiting.

  • Ataxic becoming wobbly when moving about.

  • Panting or open mouth breathing.

If your vets is closed please do not wait, call the emergency vets your practice refers you to when you call them or stated on their website.

There maybe other concerns or symptoms your cat has that are not on this list please still contact your vets as this is not a full comprehensive list.

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