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Influx Of Kittens Continues

On Tuesday morning we found 8 kittens left in a carrier on our driveway.

Whilst we are grateful they were left where they would be found and cared for, it was quite scary for our volunteers not knowing if they would be looking at dead or alive kittens. Thankfully they were all alive and now in our nursery.

On Saturday we had 6 kittens admitted whose mother was killed by a tractor. On Tuesday, 3 more were found and brought in. These are too young to be without a mum but thankfully we have some wonderful volunteers able to give them the extra care they need.

All these kittens need worm and flea treatment, health checks, vaccinations, feeding etc. All along with the other cats looking for homes, kittens already at the shelter and our retirement village - cost are mounting!

To top it off, they are all black and white which are the hardest to home! So who knows how long we will have these with us.

If you can donate to their care, please use the following link:

Our admin team can be contacted via if you would rather donate directly to our bank.

And finally, if you are the person who left the kittens on our driveway, please know that they are all ok. We are however concerned about the mother cat. Do you need help with neutering? Rehoming? Please get in touch, there will be no judgement; we just want to help.

This week has added to an already busy September when in just 3 days we had taken in 15 kittens ranging from 2 weeks to 6 weeks in age. Some need hand rearing which is a round the clock job that we fortunately have volunteers able and willing to undertake this commitment. Others need veterinary care and extra support to encourage them to eat. This figure doesn’t include the adult cats or the mother cats with their kittens, that have also been arriving.

Since posting on Facebook about the kittens we have had an amazing amount of donations and people offering to home the kittens. We are truly grateful for all the support and donations it means a lot to everyone involved in Shropshire Cat Rescue.

We are getting a lot of enquiries about adopting, it would be impossible to keep track of all of them. So, if you are interested in adopting a kitten, please complete an application form: . Shropshire Cat Rescue's is run by volunteers so please bear with us, we may take a little time to answer all adoption enquiries and requests for help, please be assured we will answer, also keep a eye on your junk or spam mail as we have been finding our replies are ending up in there.

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