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Outdoor Cats In Desperate Need Of Their Foreverhome

We have 5 feral cats that are in desperate need of a rural location to live. We normally home feral and cats who need an outside home direct from their current location to avoid bringing them into the shelter, but we had to bring these 5 in as they were in a life-threatening location.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find them a suitable foreverhome so far and we are asking for your help to locate the perfect place for them.

We can split them up to be in a 2 and a 3 if 5 is too many for one location. They ideally need a rural location with outside shelter areas so they have a warm and weatherproof place to sleep and rest. They will need to be fed twice daily with someone looking out for signs of illness or injury. Over time they may begin to trust the people that feed them, it is doubtful they will ever want to be stroked or accept fuss they will hopefully become bold enough for those feeding them to get close so they can keep an eye on their health. It is essential they are monitored when feeding to ensure there are no signs of injury or illness.

If you feel you have a home that would suit these cats or would like more information then please email our adoption volunteers on you can also apply to adopt feral cats via our website

As you can see from these pictures of Tofu, Miso, Cayene, Habanero and Ghost really are in need of an outdoor space. Please help us find the home they desperately need where they can be safe and enjoying the life they deserve.

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