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Lockdown Tails - Fudge & Neville

Originally brought to us in December 2020, these two beautiful boys took a bit of time coming out of their shell and getting used to their new surroundings. Something that is not uncommon at the Shelter and often solved with some patience. Once they gained confidence, they appeared calm and quiet cats who were very much a bonded pair, Neville was reserved whilst Fudge was outgoing. We soon found them the perfect home with a man who had the time and love to give these two boys.

Two months later, we were in touch with their new owner to discover they were much more than the average quiet pair of boys. In fact, Neville was terrified of his new owner and would do whatever it took to avoid going near him – but never once lashed out to protect himself. Often taking to climbing walls and other obstacles if it meant he could avoid him! After a long chat, we brought the boys back in and it was soon discovered they were afraid of men in particular – a problem we rarely come across to the extent these boys show.

Whilst both are friendly and happy to play with you through the bars of their pen, they start to panic when the barrier is removed and even with females, Neville will dip away from your touch and seek comfort in Fudge, who will accept a few head rubs before he retreats to his toys.

What we had thought was a simple homing situation is turning into something much more complicated and whilst we are working hard with them to help them with their fears, we are currently working to find them the perfect home.

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