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Lockdown Tails - Frank and Betty

We recently helped a kind lady who had discovered some kittens in an outhouse and was keen to get mum trapped and neutered but was concerned for the kittens’ safety. We took in the kittens after she expertly trapped them, and we affectionately named them Frank and Betty. The two tabbies were a little bewildered but old enough to not need mum anymore, so we got working on socialising them – which did not take long for Frank as he decided faster than his sister that we were not too bad!

As with most stray/feral kittens, these two came in with terrible ear mites which they patiently let us treat, despite the discomfort it was causing them. They soon blossomed into friendly and very playful little ones and were soon enough adopted and now go by Milo and Maisie.

These two and their mother have renewed our desire to invest in new and improved trapping equipment ahead of a busy season. We are thankful to our supporters for helping us to purchase the right traps and baskets that will go on to help the public in trapping cats that need help.


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