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Freddie Gets Busy For Online Shop.

Freddie has been working hard to help with getting all the new goodies on to the website in time for you all to make some seasonal purchases.

Freddie helped in selecting the toys he felt were worthy of being sold to all those young and old cat lovers.

Freddie and Gizzmo have tested some of the cat toys and given his paw of approval especially as they are created by a company that has sustainability at its heart. Freddie showed that the natural rubber balls which can hold treats or dry food made for dogs are perfect for the cat in your life too and definitely worthy of a spot on your cats Christmas or Birthday wish list.

Freddie helped with his friend Gizzmo with the unpacking and then the picture taking. Of course, Freddie helped upload them too by getting on my lap at any opportunity whilst I uploaded the items onto the website.

So don’t delay go check out Freddie and his friends handy work and get some fabulous gifts for yourself, family and friends both furry and non-furry.

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