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Can you help us this christmas?

We do not ask for help often, but this year we need as much help as we can get. We rely upon donations and sponsors to keep our shelter going each year and we are currently experiencing a double whammy of demand on our funds. We have a large number of cats that need our help plus the recent storms blew us about quite a bit and the shelter has suffered £’000’s of damage that we need to repair to keep our cats and kittens safe and warm. Pearl came to us in early December. Her elderly owner died and in the aftermath her family and friends all thought that Pearl was being looked after by someone else. This meant that she was left to fend for herself for three months before she was discovered and she came to us severely malnourished, with dreadful matted fur and dental and thyroid problems. After some time at the vets we are now taking good care of Pearl, but she needs ongoing treatment and we have so many other cats and kittens to look after this Christmas. Please donate anything you can – it really will make all the difference to the cats in our care.

£2 will help us to buy wool for blankets for our nursery £5 will pay for essential pain relief medication £10 will pay for food for a month for one cat £25 will help us to support another cat for a month with food and initial vet bills £50 will help us to pay towards essential vet bills £100 will help to repair one of our pens to keep our cats safe

Please follow this link to donate if you can. Every penny counts for the cats and kittens in our care

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