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Pepe & Pudsey

Pepe & Pudsey are two very stunning Persians who's owner has sadly passed away, leaving them alone. 

Pepe is 6 and cream coloured. He is very friendly and loves a good fuss!

Pudsey is 10 and grey. He only has one eye following an operation when he was younger, but gets around just fine. He is a little more grumpy than Pepe and doesn't like being picked up much - but will happily let you fuss him! 

Both boys are looking for a new home with experienced owners, (or owners who have done the research and are prepared to learn) who are ready and able to give these two the care they need. They need regular grooming and would love for their family to be around for them quite a lot. 

Pudsey is due some dental work and a demat, so we are hoping to find them both their new home before all his work is done so once he's signed off by our vets, they can move right in! 


Pepe & pudsey's vital stats:

  • Names: Pepe & Pudsey

  • Ages: 6 & 10

  • Breed: Persian

  • Colour: Cream & Grey

  • This cat can be rehomed with older children

  • This cat can not be rehomed with other cats

  • This cat can not be rehomed with dogs

  • This cat has been part vaccinated

  • This cat has been neutered

  • This cat has been microchipped

To find out more about this cat;

01743 872857

Or click Apply Today to apply online
Visits to the rescue are strictly by appointment only. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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