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Mollie is a beautiful, friendly girl looking for her new family. 

She loves her fuss and often calls us over for attention. She does not seem at all interested in her neighbouring cats, and has shown no negative responses to the Shelter Dog. Therefore she could potentially live with other pets.


Mollie would be great with children, but your child should be either good with cats already or willing to learn if it is their first cat.


Mollie came to us with a condition called Juvenile Gingival Hyperplasia - which essentially meant she had massive inflammation of the gums. She has had treatment, and is currently in a good position. But we cannot say she won't need further treatment down the line. We are looking for someone in a good position financially to care for her should she need it, and a good understanding of cat health to ensure she sees a vet regularly for check ups.

Good oral hygiene is essential for Mollie -


To find out more about this cat;

01743 872857

Or click Apply Today to apply online
Visits to the rescue are strictly by appointment only. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

mollie's vital stats:

  • Name: Mollie

  • Age: 9 months

  • Breed: Domestic Short Haired

  • Colour: Black & White

  • This cat can be rehomed with children

  • This cat can be rehomed with other cats

  • This cat can be rehomed with cat friendly dogs

  • This cat has been vaccinated

  • This cat is neutered

  • This cat will be microchipped before leaving

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