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Josie (B/w) and jemima (tortie)

Josie can be quite timid, but very quickly learns that visits mean fuss! She absolutely loves chin scratches and affection. 

Jemima is a very protective sister. She often covers Josie when she is feeling overwhelmed and is always there to comfort her.

They are looking for their new home together - we will not entertain any suggestions of separating them. Josie has started growing in confidence and seems to be showing signs of disliking cats that are not her sister! This is currently under reassessment, but potentially best rehomed to a cat free home.

They have not been dog tested, but this can be done on request. We do think that they would be suitable to a home with children, but this would depend on your child's individual personality and behaviour.




josie and jemima's vital stats:

  • Ages: 6 months

  • Breed: DSH

  • Colour: Black & White and Tortie & White

  • These cats are part vaccinated

  • These cats will be microchipped before leaving

  • These cats is neutered

  • These cats may be able to live with other pets and children

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Appointment times vary depending on volunteer availability so you must have an appointment in place before visiting

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