baxter, socks & Tarzan

These lovely boys are looking for their new home together.

Baxter and Socks can be a little unsure when they first meet new people, which is understandable. But they quickly come around once they realise there is fuss to be had! Tarzan is a little shy, he seems to look to the others for reassurance.

The boys came from a multi-cat household, and would be ok living with another cat who is used to living with cats. Socks can be a bit of a wind up merchant! Like human siblings, he likes to tease his brothers but luckily never takes it too far.

They would be ok living with older children. We don’t know how they feel about dogs. They are not indoor only cats, they love to explore outdoors.

Baxter Socks Tarzan.jpeg


baxter, socks & tarzan vital stats:

  • Name: Baxter, Socks & Tarzan

  • Age: Baxter & Socks are three and a half years old, Tarzan is 3 years old

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair

  • Colour: Black and White

  • These cats can be rehomed with children

  • These cats can be rehomed with other cats

  • These cats are neutered

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