Arthur is a tripod cat, he’s missing one of his back legs. We suspect he was born like this, due to x-rays and how incredibly he copes with it.

Arthur is an adorably grumpy boy, he prefers to set the pace of interaction himself. He loves a head rub, but understandably doesn’t not want to be picked up and handled too much. He’s finding shelter life a little overwhelming due to his severe dislike of other cats.

He can be unpredictable and known to lash out if his warnings are not heeded. He much prefers people to stick to his head and chin areas!

Arthur is looking for his new home without other cats or children. He has not been dog tested, but this can be arranged if requested. We will ideally be looking for someone with experience with disabled or grumpy cats. A safe, cat proof garden or catio is a must.

He has had x-rays on his hips to make sure the strain of supporting himself and getting around on just 3 legs isn’t causing him pain or discomfort. Our vets did not see any reason for him to need pain relief at this time, but as he will be more prone to arthritis this is something to consider for his future.



arthur vital stats:

  • Name: Arthur

  • Age: 5

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair

  • Colour: Tabby

  • This cat has been vaccinated

  • This cat is neutered

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